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Cobham Aerospace Connectivity Headquarters in Prescott, AZ

Cobham Aerospace Connectivity protects lives and livelihoods with its trusted differential solutions and expertise, operating with agility and a deep insight into customer needs and satisfaction. As part of the Cobham Communications & Connectivity (C3) Business Sector. C3 designs, manufactures, qualifies, certifies, and supports a complete range of electronic products for airborne, marine, land, and special-purpose applications.

Our technology suite includes:

RADIO: A complete line of Nav/Com products for the corporate aviation, military trainer, commuter airline, and helicopter markets, including FlexcommT multi-band, airborne FM/AM radio communications systems and FliteLineT next-gen navigation and communication systems.

AUDIO: Specialized aircraft communication equipment for Air Ambulance, Law Enforcement, SAR, EMS, Electronic News Gathering, Military and Marine applications. Products include digital and analog radio/audio management systems, Tac/ComT FM radio systems, intercoms, PA & loudhailers, data interface accessories, and aural warning generators.

AIRBORNE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Airborne networking, products, and services related to data communications for both the cabin and the flight deck of regional airlines, helicopters, and business aircraft, including ACARS-based communications, routers, file servers, electronic flight bags, data analysis & storage, mission computers, voice over IP (VOIP), video conferencing, and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE).

SLIP RINGS: Design and manufacture in applications from helicopter rotor deicing to wind turbines. Cobham Aerospace Connectivity' affiliate offices France are recognized for their intercoms, Radio Integrated Management System (RAIMS), Audio/Radio Control and Display Unit (ARCDU), aircraft lighting, on-board man-machine interfaces, microwave systems and components, ferrite devices, RF filters, and waveguides.

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